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Contract of agreement between the service user as a user of and PT. Talent Box Indonesia, hereafter referred to as 'TRIPAL.CO', as the owner and manager of the website which includes the terms and conditions of using the website service. Please read and carefully review this contract of agreement. 'User' shall read, understand, accept, and agree to all terms and conditions of this agreement before using the application and / or receiving the content contained in it. By using the application and/or accessing, 'User' agrees to the terms and conditions 'TRIPAL.CO' and agrees to be bound by a contract with 'TRIPAL.CO'. Therefore, 'User' declares consent to receive services and access to all content contained in the website. If 'User' is unable to accept and agree to this contract of agreement, 'Users' are welcome to leave the website and are not allowed to access it any further. Any activity related to the use of the website, the organizer, the 'User' in this case, including the seller who may be referred to as PAL and the buyer, is legally protected through the Law of the Republic of Indonesia No.11 Year 2008 regarding Information and Technology, Law of the Republic of Indonesia No. 19 of 2002 on Copyrights, and against any form of engagement arising from any activity on the website that has fulfilled the legal terms and conditions of an engagement as stipulated in the Indonesian Civil Code.


In this Agreement the term "User" is an individual, whether an Indonesian citizen, a foreign citizen, or a legal entity with the ability to use computers, networks, computers and / or other electronic media that has the ability to access the website www as needed. In this case, this includes "Users" who have registered on the site as a registered user, or a "User " who is paying for certain services that may be provided by the site

This Agreement is translated and governed by the laws of the Republic of Indonesia without enforcing the principles of its legal contradiction. The parties to this Agreement hereby agree to submit to the courts of Indonesia should any issues arise out of any dispute, interpretation, or breach of this Agreement.

By accessing and using the services of the website, "User " as mentioned in point 1 consciously and without coercion from any party express their agreement to be bound and accept all the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement. "User " is deemed to have read, understood, and agreed to the terms of service of the website about the privacy policy governing the use of the information entered by each "User " into the website service. "User " accepts this provision and any addition, change, or renewal thereof. "User " consciously understands that TRIPAL.CO may modify these privacy terms at any time and will include its latest version on the website service.

In the website there are/will be connections otherwise known as hyperlinks that connect to a third party site outside of the website service. TRIPAL.CO declare that it is not responsible for the links outside of the website service or sites provided or installed by third parties including any content, whether entered by unnamed users, content providers to obtain payment, or any other content not made by TRIPAL.CO. The disclosure of any third party content in the services of the website does not mean that TRIPAL.CO nor any affiliated party, officer, or employee establishes a working relationship as a sales agent with that third party. Any third party content is solely the responsibility of the content provider. TRIPAL.CO does not warrant that all third-party content is accurate, does not infringe any legal, valid or authentic, and is not liable if "User " considers that the contents of such third parties are credible. In addition TRIPAL.CO shall not be liable for any activities performed by "User " and cannot be held rsponsible by anyone in respect of any losses suffered by any other party as a result of the actions of "User ".


Every "User " in using the features and services of the site is not allowed to:

  • Violate any applicable law that includes but is not limited to export control regulations, consumer protection, unfair competition, anti-discrimination or counterfeit advertising, rights of others, intellectual property rights, and others, as well as other rules governed by this agreement.
  • Provide any false, inaccurate, misleading, defamatory, immoral, pornographic, discriminatory or racist information.
  • Take action that may confuse suggestion or input systems and or ratings such as displaying, importing or exporting information or feedback from external sites, or using it for purposes unrelated to the website service
  • Provide accounts on the website services including suggestions or entries and account names to others without the knowledge of TRIPAL.CO.
  • Spread spam, unfamiliar content, large amounts of electronic messages, as well as serial messages.
  • Spread viruses or any other type of technology that can damage and / or harm the services of the website, its affiliates and other "users ".
  • Incorporate or change any features without exception on the website service without the knowledge and consent from TRIPAL.CO.
  • Storing, replicating, altering, or disseminating the content and features of the website services, including the manner of service, content, copyrights and intellectual property contained in the website service.

All "Users " agree not to copy or otherwise use or download any information, text, images, video recordings, directories, documents, databases or advertisements available on website services or otherwise obtained through the website service for any purpose, including but not limited to re-selling or redistributing the contents of website services, mass marketing through email media, unlimited short messages (SMS), ordinary mail or other forms, run a business to rival the services of the website, or make use of the website services for commercial purposes outside of transactions with

"User " is not allowed to take the contents of website services systematically to make or compile, either directly or indirectly, collections, compilations, databases or directories either by automated or manual process without the explicit written permission of TRIPAL.CO. Additionally, "Users " may not use such content or material as intended for any purpose not explicitly dealt with in this agreement.


"Users " who create an account on the website service, hereafter referred to as a registered user and provided with an account name and password when completing the account registration process. Registered Users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of their account and password provided on the website service.

Registered User is solely responsible for any activity on behalf of the registered user's account.

Registered User must immediately notify TRIPAL.CO of any alleged unauthorized use that uses the name of a registered user account and ensure that the user is registered out of the account at the end of the activity on the website service to ensure abuse of the relevant account.

TRIPAL.CO reserves the right to restrict, block, delay, delete, or terminate the services of any account, prohibit access and content to the website services and take legal steps to keep registered users or other "Users " if TRIPAL.CO considers a registered user or other "Users " has violated any applicable laws, infringe any intellectual property of the parties concerned, or commit an offense that violates the terms set out in this agreement.

That registered users are not allowed to sell, attempt to sell, offer to sell, assign, or transfer accounts, user identities and/or password (password) to a third party without prior knowledge and written consent from TRIPAL.CO. TRIPAL.CO may suspend or terminate the account of registered users or accounts of parties receiving transfers from registered users that have sold, offered to sell, granted, transfered, or assigned any content in violation of the terms of this agreement. Due to the limited ability of TRIPAL.CO in identifying this violation, all the consequences and possible risks are the responsibility of the registered user who transfers.


TRIPAL.CO obligations are limited to the provision of website services.

Services or products sold on the website service are the sole responsibility of the seller who offers his/her services or goods through the service site

Any form of loss caused by the actions of "User " in violation of this agreement is entirely the responsibility of "Users " where TRIPAL.CO is completely free from the demands of the parties who have suffered any loss.

Materials posted on the website service are provided without any provision or warranty in terms of their accuracy. To the extent permitted by law, TRIPAL.CO and third parties related to TRIPAL.CO hereby exclude: (i) All other terms, warranties and conditions which may be implied by law, customary law or justice law ; (ii) Liability for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage which is borne by the "User " in connection with the website service or in connection with the use, inability to use, or the consequences of use of the site services, any websites associated with it and any material placed therein, including, but not limited to, liability for loss of income, loss of business, loss of profits or contracts, loss of anticipated savings, data loss, loss of goodwill, wasted management or office time, any other loss of any kind, regardless of how it arises and whether caused by negligence, breach of contract or otherwise, even if it was predictable. This shall have no effect on the obligations of TRIPAL.CO which can not be excluded or restricted under applicable law. "User " agrees that the material posted on the website service is for information only to assist the "User " in deciding whether to bid or not to bid for services or products. TRIPAL.CO or any employee of TRIPAL.CO shall not be liable for any direct or indirect consequences of the User's decision to make or not make any offer or bid.

TRIPAL.CO does not provide any delivery of service or products and is entirely the responsibility of PAL. For the delivery of goods and/or products, "User " agrees not to involve TRIPAL.CO as the owner and manager of the website and exempt all claims of losses suffered by the buyer within the order delivery process.


"User " has not obtained any rights or licenses regarding the services and materials contained in the website services other than limited rights to utilize the services of the website as set forth in this agreement. In the event that "User " chooses to download the contents of the website service, it shall be made under the terms of this agreement and will be licensed to TRIPAL.CO "Users " are only to use "User " as a non-commercial party in accordance with the agreement and do not transfer any other rights to "Users ". If "User " submits material to the site service or TRIPAL.CO unless otherwise indicates, "The user has granted TRIPAL.CO a non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, non-exclusive revocable, alter, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, distribute, copy, and display such content worldwide in any form, medium, or technology that may be sublicensed, whether it is already known now or developed later. "User " also allows any other user to access, store, reproduce the material for their own use by "User ". "User " grants TRIPAL.CO the right to use the name the "User " provided it is relevant with the contents. "User " represents and warrants that "User " owns or otherwise controls all rights to the material "Pe use "of the submitted material is true and accurate, and that the use of the submitted material does not violate this agreement nor shall cause any harm to any person or entity. "Users" shall guarantee TRIPAL.CO and its suppliers, agents, directors, officers, employees, representatives, successors and assigns of all claims caused by any material that "Users " submit. TRIPAL.CO and its suppliers, agents, directors, officers, employees, representatives, successors, and recievers deny any responsibility and liability for any material submitted by "User " or any third party


The website service includes but is not limited to logos, text, content, photographs, videos, audio and graphics, goods protected by copyright, trademarks, service marks, international agreements, and / or other proprietary rights and laws of the Republic of Indonesia. The website service is also protected as a collective work or compilation under the Copyright Act of the Republic of Indonesia or the Law and other agreements. All articles, columns and other elements that are part of the website service are also subject to copyright. "User " agrees to be subject to all applicable copyright laws, other applicable laws, and any additional copyright notices or restrictions contained in the website service. "User " acknowledges that the website service has been developed, compiled, revised, selected and governed by TRIPAL.CO, its general counterparts, its limited partners, its subsidiaries, and their general partners and affiliates respectively (collectively referred to as "TRIPAL.CO Group") and other parties (including other sources of information) through the adoption of appraisal methods and standards developed and implemented by expending much time, energy and money and is a valuable intellectual property of the TRIPAL.CO Group and other such parties. "User " agrees to protect the proprietary rights of the TRIPAL.CO Group and all other parties who have rights in the services of the website during and after the term of this agreement and are subject to all written requests made by TRIPAL.CO or its suppliers and licensors related to the contents of the agreement, the equipment, or otherwise ("Suppliers ") to protect their rights and others in the services of the website under contracts and general legal rights. "User " agrees to notify TRIPAL.CO in writing immediately upon acknowledgment of any access or use of the website without the consent of any individual or entity, regarding any claim that the website service is in violation of copyright, trademark, or other rights under contractual, statutory, or general legal rights. All current and future rights regarding trade confidential information, patents, copyrights, trademarks, service marks, knowledge and other proprietary rights of any kind whatsoever is subject to the law of governmental authority, domestic or overseas, including the rights regarding all applications and registrations relating to the service ("Intellectual Property Rights ") shall, as between "User " and Group TRIPAL.CO at any time constitute and remain as the exclusive property of the Group TRIPAL.CO.

All rights in the website services and ownership rights of the current and future site services of (including the right to use of the services of the website and any part of the website service, be it either currently present or to be developed in the future) is owned by the TRIPAL.CO Group for exclusive use. Except when specifically permitted by this Agreement, "User " shall not copy or use the services of the website or any portion of the website service. Except as specifically permitted under these terms of use, "User " shall not use any Intellectual Property Rights or services, nor shall they use the names of any individual participant or contributor to the service, including any change or derivative of the original name for any purpose, without prior written consent of TRIPAL.CO.


"User " agrees that the use of the website service by "User " is exercised at its own risk and acknowledges anything contained in the website services including but not limited to content, services, goods, advertisements provided and presented. TRIPAL.CO makes no warranties of any kind, whether explicit or implied, in respect to services including but not limited to merchantability, non-infringement, proprietary rights or eligibility for a particular purpose or use. TRIPAL.CO does not warrant that the website service is compatible with the "Users " equipment or that the services or emails sent by TRIPAL.CO or its representatives are free from any errors, viruses, worms, "Trojan horses, " or any other malicious or damaging files. TRIPAL.CO is not liable for any of the damages "Users " may experience that may be an inevitable result of such destructive features. "User " agrees that TRIPAL.CO and its suppliers, agents, directors, officers, employees, representatives, successors and assigns are not liable for: (i) any loss or damage, whether caused by negligence TRIPAL.CO, its respective parent companies, or their respective affiliates, suppliers, agents, directors, officers, employees, representatives, successors, and receivers, or any other form of connection with the website services and shall not be liable for any unintended or consequential loss of profit, loss, or any claim against TRIPAL.CO by any other party or; (ii) any errors, inaccuracies, omissions, delays, or any other failures in the website service caused by "Users " computer equipment or arising from the use of the services by "Users " on such equipment. The contents of other websites, services, goods or advertisements that may be linked or integrated to the website services are not maintained or controlled by TRIPAL.CO. Therefore, TRIPAL.CO is not responsible for the availability, content or accuracy of any web situations, services, or other merchandise that may be linked to, integrated into, or advertised on the website service. TRIPAL.CO does not: (a) make any warranty, explicitly or implicitly, with respect to the use of links or integration provided on or to the services of the website; (b) to guarantee the accuracy, completeness, usefulness, or adequacy of any web site, service, goods or other advertisements that may be linked to the or website service; (c) make any approval or endorsement, expressly or implicitly, for any other website, service, merchandise, or advertisement that may be linked to the website service. TRIPAL.CO is also not responsible for the reliability or sustainability of the availability of telephone lines, wireless services, communications media, and equipment that "Users " use to access the website service. "User " understands that TRIPAL.CO and / or third-party contributors to the website service may elect at any time to restrict or prohibit access to their content under a contractual agreement. Thus, regardless of what is otherwise provided in the terms and agreements of the Agreement, TRIPAL.CO, its suppliers, agents, directors, officers, employees, representatives, successors, and receivers, are not directly or indirectly liable in any way to "User "or any other person for any: (a) inaccuracy or error in or omission of the website services including but not limited to pricing and financial data; (b) delays, errors, or interruptions in the transmission or delivery of site services or; (c) loss or damage arising out of or caused by any such delay, error or interruption, or by any other reason for failure. (iii) However, including but not limited to negligence, TRIPAL.CO, its suppliers, agents, directors, officers, employees, representatives, successors, and receivers are not liable to "Users " for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, outstanding, or punitive damage, even though TRIPAL.CO has been specifically advised of the possibility of such damages arising out of any terms of the treaty agreement, such as but not limited to loss of income or profits expected to be obtained or loss of business, applies shall not permit the limitation or omission of liability or incidental or consequential damages. However, TRIPAL.CO's total liability to "Users" for any damages, losses and causes of good deeds in the contract, or errors including but not limited to omissions, does not exceed the amount paid by "Users ", if any, to access the website service.


The website service provides a place for PAL and buyers to conduct transactions through online electronic payment services, which include several pre-paid payment methods such as visa and mastercard credit cards, eWallet electronic wallet, ATM Transfer in the form of virtual accounts, and KlikPay BCA internet banking services. Forms of trade transactions conducted between PAL and buyers as mentioned above use the trading transaction facility called "LINK PAYMENT " and "WEBSITE ". The website service "PAYMENT LINKS " is a trading transaction using hyperlinks to direct "User " to open a product site from PAL that has been registered in advance or earlier by PAL on the service of the website. Furthermore, buyers can make electronic payments online using one of the facilities of payment method already provided. Every transaction using the "payment links " service is subject to PAL Discount Rate (MDR) and "fraud management system " fees for credit card and eWallet payment method. Transfered payments will be charged transfer service fee with the "Virtual Account " method. All payment methods do not include applicable Bank and Tax administration fees. The percentage value and or the amount of the nominal value refer to the standardization already set by TRIPAL.CO as the owner and manager of the website

The website service "WEBSITE " is a trading transaction by connecting or integrating the system between an existing and owned PAL site service that already provides a shopping cart where buyers can choose products and shop using electronic payments online with one of the payment methods provided by the website service. The website service "WEBSITE " where PAL will get full support of services from TRIPAL.CO to be able to connect or process system integration between PAL site services with payment methods provided by the website service. Every transaction using the website service "WEBSITE " is not subject to connection configuration or system integration unless changes or further system development are required. Transaction fees and fraud management systems for payment methods will be applied using credit card payment, transfer, internet banking, and eWallet payments. All payment methods do not include applicable Bank and Tax administration fees. Percentage value and the amount of nominal values are subject to standardization that has been specified by TRIPAL.CO, as the owner and manager of the website.


"User " agrees at their own expense to guarantee, defend, and hold TRIPAL.CO, its suppliers, agents, directors, officers, employees, representatives, successors, and receivers from and against all claims, liability, expenses, including reasonable attorney's fees and expertise arising out of or in connection to any of the services provided by the website. These services include but are not limited to; (i) use of the website service by "User " or anyone using their computer; (ii) use by anyone using the "Users " account; (iii) breach of the agreement by "Users" or anyone using their computer or account if relevant); (iv) a claim that any use of the website service by "User " or someone using a user's computer "User" or "User" account if it violates any third party's intellectual property rights, or any right of privacy or publicity that damages the reputation of another person or otherwise causes harm or damage to any third party; (v) any deletion, addition, inclusion, or alteration regarding any unauthorized use of the site services by "User " or any person using the "Users " computer or account, if relevant) ; (vi) any misinterpretation or breach of any warranty or contract made by "User " contained in these terms of use or; (vii) any violation of any agreement that "Users" must implement under this terms of use. "User " agrees to pay any and all costs, indemnities and expenses including but not limited to reasonable attorney's fees and expenses incurred or otherwise incurred by or in connection with or arising from any claim, suit, legal action or proceeding of a particular case caused by any particular claim. TRIPAL.CO reserves the right at its sole discretion to assume an exclusive defense and control over any matters which must be guaranteed by "User " which if so "User " will fully cooperate with TRIPAL.CO in affirming any available defense. "User " acknowledges and agrees to pay reasonable attorney's fees, incurred in connection with any and all legal claims brought against "User " by TRIPAL.CO under the terms of the agreement and any other terms and conditions of service on site including without limitation, lawsuits arising from the inability of "User " to ensure TRIPAL.CO in accordance with the agreement agreement.

  • In the event that a buyer makes a purchase of goods or products from PAL, the buyer is obliged to ascertain what is the object of the agreement with PAL and ensure that the goods or products are in accordance with the contract.
  • If the buyer has agreed to the entire terms of purchasing the goods to PAL then make payment via the payment method already provided by the service of the website, then since then any form of dispute that may occur on the basis of the transaction made it is not and is not the responsibility of TRIPAL.CO as the owner and manager of the website.
  • The buyer has the right to file a complaint to PAL for the quality of the shipment that the logistics company has provided with PAL or submit a complaint directly to the logistics company in cooperation with PAL within the period and conditions as specified by the logistics company.
  • In the event that the goods or products have been shipped by PAL, then there is damage to the goods on the way or upon arrival at the buyer's location or the non-conformity of the services and services it receives, compensation shall be the liability of PAL and / or logistic companies whereas TRIPAL.CO as the owner and manager of the website has no connection whatsoever to the delivery of such goods or products or the delivery of such services and services.
  • In the event that the trading transaction has been completed, the buyer is given 3 (three) days' right to confirm as a form of notification that the goods or products and / or services have been received and are in compliance with the buy and PAL can be called 'completion'. If no confirmation is made by the buyer within the specified time period then the service of the website at the request of PAL may verify the trading transaction and if the trading transaction is declared valid then the goods or products and / or services have been received and already in accordance with the sale and purchase agreement between the buyer and PAL and refunds can not be done.
  • In the event that the trade transaction has been completed and it is because of something and other things the buyer filed a refund and can be fulfilled by PAL under the sale and purchase agreement then refund implementation will be subject to deductions for PAL discount rate (MDR) fee, administration & system maintenance fee, deposit account fee service and refund transfer fee service to buyer account by PAL if any.
  • The buyer is entitled to make a request for the fraudulent funds caused by fraud known as "chargeback " through PAL and / or site services and / or credit card issuing bank. The processing bank upon receipt of the notification will conduct an investigation and validation. If declared valid, the Processing Bank shall charge the chargeback and notify all interested parties and if it is declared invalid the buyer shall be blacklisted by the Bank and notify all parties concerned.
  • PAL is required to enter full data, correct and in accordance with the applicable conditions when registering in the service of the site
  • PAL is required to provide a description of the correct services, services, goods or products and in accordance with the actual and complete state of the product or product.
  • PAL is prohibited from trading in services, services , goods or products prohibited under the laws and regulations of the Republic of Indonesia including the regulations in the BANK and BANK INDONESIA regulations including but not limited to counterfeit and / or imitation goods, smuggled goods, narcotics as well as illegal drugs and addictive substances with derivatives derivatives, liquors, goods or products containing pornography and / or vandalism and / or violence and / or terrorism, goods or products containing SARA ( S uku, Ras, Religion, Inter-Group), firearms and sharp weapons, stolen goods, plants and animals protected by law, human trafficking, moving vehicles such as two-wheeled vehicles and illegally modified four-wheelers, health products and / or pharmaceutical material which is prohibited from general sale without written permission from the authorities.
  • In the event that PAL is found and proven to offer a service or sell goods not in compliance with the terms of this agreement, TRIPAL.CO as the owner and manager of the website is entitled to disable PAL activities with or without prior notice
  • PAL shall cooperate and have the right to choose a courier or logistics delivery service for the certainty of delivery of goods or products to the buyer, if the product is transacted in the form of goods.
  • PAL can only provide services / services or deliver any goods, products and / or services which has been ordered by the buyer upon receipt of the email verification verification result from the service of the website or can see the transaction status and verification status of the application provided by the service of the site
  • Any form of complaint for the provision of services or delivery of goods is the responsibility of PAL in cooperation with logistics companies or other parties in terms of providing services and services.
  • In the event that the buyer has enjoyed the services / services or received goods, products, and / or services from PAL but has not confirmed for 3 days since the goods or products have been received, PAL reserves the right to inform TRIPAL.CO as owner and manager of with complete data required for TRIPAL.CO can perform verification and status of settlement of buying and selling transaction that has been done between buyer and PAL.
  • In case PAL sells goods or products and / or services where there is a dispute with the buyer due to the incompatibility of the goods or products and / or services received by the buyer pursuant to the sale and purchase agreement agreed between the PAL and the buyer and or the goods or products and / or services never received by the buyer so long as the payment fund has not been disbursed funds by PAL from the site service provider, TRIPAL.CO as the service provider site will do refunds already paid by buyers after deducting MDR fees, administration & maintenance fees, depository account fees and transfer fees and PAL may withdraw the goods and / or products and / or services purchased.
  • In PAL sells goods or products and / or services where there is a dispute with the buyer because of the incompatibility of the goods or products and / or services received by the buyer pursuant to the sale and purchase agreement agreed between PAL and the buyer and or goods or products and / or services never received by the purchaser so long as the payment fund has been transferred funds by PAL from the service provider of the website, PAL as the service provider of the website is obliged to refund the buyer already paid after minus the MDR cost, administration & maintenance system, deposit account fee and transfer fee and PAL can withdraw goods and or product d or purchased services.
  • PAL can make a disbursement of funds resulting from a trade transaction with the buyer to the site service provider from the service provider of the website after reconciliation, closing the book by the site service provider of the site service provider follows the established standard TRIPAL.CO where funds have been received from the Bank by TRIPAL.CO for eWallet is H + 3, ATM Transfers like VA Permata, Debit is H + 3 and Card Credit is H + 5.
  • In the event of a Chargeback request by the buyer due to the buyer's fraud or discontent, PAL has full responsibility for the chargeback transaction and is willing to pay the loss and release TRIPAL.CO of responsibility for the Chargeback.