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What is is a modern travel application to help Travelers meet trusted local guides who will become their Pal during their trip (Trip + Pal). Your Pal will provide you with all your necessities during your visit to their city so you can enjoy a more personalized, flexible, and authentic trip experience as a traveler. On the other hand, by using Tripal, you'll open job opportunities for local people and communities in the region.

What the different & advantages Tripal than other travelling application?

Travel applications that are available today generally only provide plane tickets and hotels. We travel to roam around and explore the city, not to stay in our hotel watching TV. Even if these travel apps do provide tour packages, the packages generally still operate in traditional ways. For example, they might provide 'open trips' with a minimum quota, trips combined with other travelers that may not be fun for us, or trips with a fixed date and routes that are generally too mainstream or even 'outdated'.

However, Tripal is the opposite for this condition. With, your trip will be more personal because every trip is just for you or your group (Private Trip, even for only 1 person), as well as flexible, because you get to determine your trip dates and itinerary. The route and local appeal you'll witness will also be more authentic according to the category you choose. The price will also certainly be more affordable because you'll pay directly to the locals without any bureaucratic frills. This is what we call travelling in the present.

Where can I go now using Tripal?

Currently has only been developed for trips in the provinces/cities of Indonesia. In the future, we plan to expand our coverage all over Asia and even the whole world.

Is Tripal safe for Traveler and Pal (Local Guide)? is a peer-to-peer marketplace platform that strives to create the best secure system for all parties - the 'Traveller', the 'Pal', and other third parties because delivering a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable travel solution is our top priority . We therefore require both the Traveler and the Pal to communicate & make payments only through this application.

Our application is a safe environment for Travelers, as the registration process requires several online and offline verification stages. Every Pal is also only entitled to receive payment from the system after their Trip is done.

The environment is also safe for Pals, because every Traveler is also required to complete the profile data required to maintain security and comfort together. Before the trip begins, the traveler has to make a payment to be sent to the recieving account.

The Payment System ensures every payment is made on the platform. We are working with a trusted third party called DOKU for any payment method. ATM Transfer, Credit Card payments, internet banking, and even payment through AlfaMart / Indomaret can all be done safely and conveniently.

Note: While we have done our best to keep all your transactions safe and secure, as a marketplace is not responsible for all the possible issues that may arise, so individual discretion and caution is advisable for both parties when making decisions.

How to order & make a payment at Tripal?
  • Select a location in the search field or select "Trip Category" on the main page,
  • Choose an available "PAL", after looking through the PAL profile press the "Order Now" button at the bottom
  • A "Calendar" will appear showing the availability of the corresponding Pal, select "Start date" and "Finish date" in each tab (If only ordering for a 1-day trip, tap 2 times on same date), then click the red "Continue" button
  • Go to the Order Confirmation page and click "Messages", then proceed with "Paid"
  • You will be directed to the DOKU page where various payment options are available. Once your payment has been completed, your transactions will now be stored in the "History" or "MyTrip" menu.

Note: Your funds will not be paid to the PAL until your trip is completed by them, except for "Trips" where the PAL requires down payments for third parties such as local transport, restaurants, accommodation, entrance tickets, etc.

How do I join as 'Pal' in my city? Can I also register myself as 'Pal' for a city outside of current domicile?

Everyone, as long as they are adults (minimum of 18 yrs) who likes to explore and make new friends, love their culture and city, and has a heart to accompany people visiting their city, can volunteer to be a PAL in their city and earn extra income from this exciting hobby.

Everyone who enters the first time into the app is considered a "Traveler". To become a Pal, does not collect any fee or in other words, it is FREE. Please go to the "Profile" menu and click "Become a PAL" and follow the instructions and requirements.

Being a PAL outside of the city where you live is not recommended because it may disadvantage both the Traveler and even yourself. As a "Travel Friend" you should be familiar with the area and its demographic conditions, so if you do not master the "Hidden Gems" of the city, it may lower your experience and impact your reviews & ratings.

What are my advantages as a “Pal”?
  • Sign up & use the Tripal app for FREE!
  • Earn extra money from each trip with the Traveler.
  • Flexible time because you are free to set your own availability schedule in the "Calendar" menu
  • Play an active role in contributing positively to building and developing communities & other local potential.
  • Joining a friendly global community with new friends from around the world.